Farmers Choice Pre-Cut Lettuce Blend

Farmers Choice Pre-Cut Lettuce Blend


Don’t use your heads, use ours! Toss our premium lettuce blend with dressing and serve, no thinking required. We harvest the most delicious blends each week to delight your taste buds. This beautiful blend of our finest butterhead, oakleaf and sweet crisp lettuce is cut and ready to serve. No washing necessary! Impress your guests with the premium quality, gourmet taste and love that we pack into every box.

Enjoy a lettuce blend straight from our farm to your table!

Grown by our small, dedicated team of farmers right here in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Farm Pick Up Hours:

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2pm – 5 pm.


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  1. Salanova Butterhead Lettuce: Dense rosette heads with round, soft leaves and a delicate, buttery flavor.
  2. Salanova Oakleaf Lettuce: Large, ruffled leaves coupling delicate texture and creamy sweet flavor.
  3. Salanova Sweet Crisp Lettuce: A sweet romaine-like taste with an airy structure and interesting bite.