The ABUF Difference


Local Produce

  • Convenience of Bagged Lettuce with Minimal Prep - “One Cut Ready”
  • Live Plants Delivered with Roots - Significantly Longer Shelf Life
  • Market Where Your Food Is Coming From - Support Local Farmers

  • Guaranteed Delivery with Case Commitment

Fresh, Pure, & Clean

  • Unique and Gorgeous European Varieties
  • Exclusive Seasonal Custom Blends Available to Chefs and Restaurants
  • Clean Greens - Soilless and Only Fed Purified Water and Mineral Blend Nutrients

  • Atlantic Beach Urban Farms is GAP Certified (Good Agricultural Practice)

Sustainably Grown

  • Modern, State of the Art, Indoor/Greenhouse Vertical Farm
  • Controlled Growing from Seed to Table
  • Ideal Conditions for Growing 365 Days A Year

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