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About ABUF

We are an urban farm that grows in a climate-controlled greenhouse 365 days a year in Atlantic Beach, FL.
We use aeroponic technology to grow a large volume of food in a small amount of space using 90% less land and 90% less water than traditional farming. While our operation is large, the same technology can be used by individuals, community organizations and restaurants to provide fresh food in smaller quantities for themselves.


Our Produce


the abuf difference


  • Pick What You Need from Plant and the Rest Stays as Fresh as when Harvested
  • Crops are Picked at Peak Flavor and Always In Season
  • Aeroponically Grown results in Consistent Head Size without Waste
  • Shorter Time between Farm to Table, Means Superior Product


  • No Harmful Chemicals - Safe to Eat and No Washing Required
  • Produce Simply Tastes and Looks Better
  • Non-GMO Seeds Used


  • 90% Less Water and 90% Less Land than Traditional Agriculture
  • Less Resources and More Taste
  • Produce You Can Feel Good About
  • Trust and Know Who Grows Your Food

Grow Your Own



Atlantic Beach Urban Farms grows in vertical aeroponic towers and sells residential systems.
You can grow fresh and nutrient dense produce if you have 30" of space and access to an electrical outlet.
In fact, any relatively sunny place outside or inside with LED lights, allows individuals to grow on a patio, companies in their lobbies, schools in their classrooms and restaurants in their parking lots.
This closed and soilless system makes the possibilities limitless.


Giving Back


Our passions & projects

Making our local food systems more resilient is a team effort, requiring support and motivation from many sources.
We are determined to demonstrate that vertical urban farming can help educate and feed those
who may not typically have the means to grow their own food.
We see the potential to teach people and to have access to fresh food right where they live.
If you are interested in incorporating urban farming into your own program, we would be happy to set up a visit for you.  


Welcome to the Farm

No matter the season, something is always happening at Atlantic Beach Urban Farms. Experience everything from cooking classes and wine dinners in the farmhouse to hosting your own private or corporate event.